Xray chest evaluation

1.- Heat map

This heat map compares the average location of the lungs compared with a large dataset.

This work was started by the help of the UCIE at IFIC carried by the Agencia Valenciana de la Innovació. The main goal of this work is to provide tools to enhance 3D patient reconstruction in pediatric ideopatic scoliosis. The main objetives are defined as:

  • Patient should not be in bed (as in CT)
  • Provide enhaced quality in columna reconstruction using 3D
  • Generate Machine Learning models to provide aid to some licensed technologies
  • As results of these preliminary works we could start to build a plataform and start with patient calibration to provide better tools to reconstruct. Most of the work has been derived to take CT, and perform 3D models to provide realistic XRAY images.

    As results of these preliminary works the company who licensed the technology has been granted with a CDTI.

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